concrete5 Eclipse plugin

Improve your Eclipse + PDT experience when developing concrete5 projects.

2. Install the plugin

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Choose the HelpInstall New Software... menu
  3. Hit the Manage button
  4. Add the concrete5 plugin update site
  5. Back to the Install dialog, type concrete5 in the search box, check the concrete5 plugin and install it

3. Add your concrete5 project to concrete5

Add your existing project(s) to Eclipse, or creating a new concrete5 project (you can also use Composer if you install the great PHP Development Tools (PDT) Composer Support plugin)

4. Activate the plugin

  1. In Eclipse, right click your project in the PHP Explorer View and choose Properties
  2. In the Project Facets section check the concrete5 check box

5. Build the IDE symbols

  1. open a terminal/command prompt shell
  2. execute the concrete/bin/concrete5 c5:ide-symbols CLI command (use \ instead of / under Windows)
  3. refresh your project in Eclipse (right-click it in the PHP Explorer View and choose Refresh)

6. Write code!