Deploy to GitHub repositories in TravisCI Jobs


By using GitHub deploy keys you can safely push to GitHub repositories, or read private GitHub repositories.


Let’s assume that:

  • your GitHub user name / organization name is
  • your GitHub repository name is
  • your are going to encrypt the private key with

Generate a private key

  • Install OpenSSH on your system (or in a Virtual Machine, Docker container, WSL, …)
  • Generate an RSA private key without a passphrase:
    ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa -N "" -C "Deploy key for /" -f github_deploy_key
  • Encrypt the private key
    openssl aes-256-cbc -e -in github_deploy_key -pass 'pass:' -md sha256 -out github_deploy_key.enc

Add the key to the GitHub deploy keys

Go to and enter this data:

  • Title
    a name of your choice
  • Key
    paste the contents of the file
  • Allow write access
    check this if you will need to push to the repository

Add the decryption password to TravisCI

Add the encrypted key to your repository

Add the github_deploy_key.enc file file to your repository.
By default, you can save it as .travis/github_deploy_key.enc

Configure the TravisCI job

  • If you didn’t save the encrypted key as .travis/github_deploy_key.enc, define an environment variable named DEPLOYKEY_FILE whose value is the relative path to the encrypted key
  • Invoke the following code to load the key so that GIT has (write) access to the repository:
    wget -q -O - | sh


From a great idea by @B3rn475.